Obamacare will pass, now what

It appears that the senate will ignore the will of the people and pass the Obamacare bill.  A messy fight will determine what parts of the senate and house bills will be in the final version.  The big question is, what will happen to the 2010 and 2012 elections if it passes.  Pundits are saying both that Obama’s numbers will spike upward immediately, and others are saying the dems are committing political suicide.

While I hope it’s suicide, I find it difficult to believe this many dem senators are willing to get thrown out of office to give Obama a policy win.  Harry Reid may be an exception. I think he knows he’s going to lose next year, and truely believes passing this garbage will be the highlight of his career.  Too bad he will be dead before he can see how much damage he’s done to our supposedly free society.

Will Tea Partiers make the strategic blunder of splitting the Republican party and handing a win to Obama in 2012?  Will the dems mutiny against Obama and back Hillary?

It would be more fun to watch if the stakes weren’t so high. Watching Obama is like watching Hoover destroy the recovery from the depression.


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