Nidal Hasan

The government keeps trying to tell us Mr Hasan just snapped and he wasn’t a terrorist. They’re lying.


Government Funded Abortion

Dems new health bill charges a monthly premium and pays for abortions

The SEIU goes after a Boy Scout

The SEIU thinks that NO WORK should be done unless one of their members gets paid, and they can collect dues.

Saw a story from the British press today, discussing how health and safety inspectors would be making unannounced visits to private homes to see if proper safety gear to protect young children is installed.

Proponents of government controlled health care don’t seem to realize that once the government provides you with a benefit, they have a desire to control costs. If the government is spending taxpayer $$ for your care, they rationalize that that gives them the right to interject themselves in your lifestyle decisions.  Maybe you smoke, or are 20lbs overweight. The government knows it will cost more to provide your medical care, so suddenly they will demand that you change or be denied coverage. Think of all the supposedly legitimate excuses a government bureaucrat could come up with to enter your home, snoop through your garbage, refrigerator, or bedside table.

Another recent story from Britian had government contracted aircraft flying across cities looking for homes that used too much electricity or coal by looking for heat leakage.  If your house gave off a heat signature, the government goons come knockin, ready to inspect your insulation, heating system, etc. The repairs they demand are not optional.

The Netherlands Friday voted to install government GPS devices in all private vehicles.  Beginning next year, the devices will record every mile you drive, and transmit the data to the government tax office who will then issue you a bill for about 20 cents per mile. Their stated goal is to drive prrivate cars off the road and reduce road traffic by 50%.

Are these the kinds of changes Americans actually want?  Is this far left agenda actually supported by the majority?  I don’t think so. The arrogance and condescention of Obama, Pelosi, Reid and others is breathtaking.

Andy Stern, riding Obama’s coattails


Right now there’s a serious battle raging between Progressives led by Mr Obama and Nancy Pelosi, and conservatives led by a diffuse group of Tea Party activists and the Republican Party.  At stake is control over the levers of power and the chance to define the role of government for a generation.

Bloggers, pundits, agitators and the so called main stream media are conducting an all out war to sway public opinion. My goal is to help you cut through media bias, connect the dots, and ensure you have enough information to draw your own conclusions.